Monday, April 22, 2013

Time to Graduate

So, what will she do after graduation? Does she have plans? These are the questions I’m regularly asked. Why does nobody ask how she is?

Does it matter what she does or where she goes, if she’s not healthy? Is her GPA important? Are all the wonderful recommendations and lists of accomplishments helpful? These things lack relevance and impact unless she’s well. Health remains #1. It is an ED- free life that offers her limitless opportunities and abundance. It’s time to graduate from college ---and ED.

Freedom from guilt and anxiety around food, an absence of thoughts and behaviors, and moving (slowly) towards acceptance is the norm. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude. Nothing else matters. Hope for sustained recovery prevails. Hope for her-- and all others. 

May all beings have peace and happiness
May all beings be free from pain and suffering
May all beings rejoice in the happiness of others
May all beings live in peace
            with loving kindness in our hearts.
                        ~ The Four Immeasurables~

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