Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Power of Unconditional Love

A feeling of warmth, a peachy glow emanating from the skin, a lightness of step, and a tickle in the heart that cannot be scratched.  Such are the signs of being in love. But this is different than unconditional mothers' love. I’m told that we are biased – of course we scoop our children up when they need us, as we strive to protect and nurture them, at any age. So, what’s different about this?

The adoration of a third party – a significant other, has the power to reassure and reaffirm that it is possible to offer and receive unconditional love. There’s a sense of balance and contentment. Another soul is present to deflect ED – now further weakened. Let’s not underestimate the effect of having a partner who loves and accepts.

The harmony is short-lived as the loved ones are separated due to situations beyond their control. A new period of transition and change is ushered in. Resilience is once again tested. What a blessing and an opportunity. The lovebird left behind is forced to try new strategies in order to stay strong. This is crucial as she strives to be whole by herself and for herself. Only with this foundation can she grow and fly to freedom.

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