Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stability Against the Odds

Much time has elapsed and many challenges overcome. A car accident 6-months ago leaves her with soft tissue injuries. This occurred on the heels of the lovebirds separating, a new and demanding job, and living in a new house. These life events, together with graduation, represent some if the biggest risk factors for relapse. We had deliberately tested ED before, but this was a whole different game. These risks showed up uninvited, just as they are apt to do in life. Hold on to your seats, we could be in for quite a ride. We watch and listen, as she navigates new turmoil.

Intense pain leads her home for a week. Several weeks pass, and ED is absent. Weeks turn into months…..where is he? Can we say she’s recovered? Knowing the insidious nature of this illness, we do not celebrate. But, we are definitely closer. She is stable, or in “remission.” The day nears when she will say: “I had an eating disorder. I am recovered”.

It’s important to remember that most people do recover from this illness. And that early detection and effective treatment improve those odds dramatically.

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